The ability to remove hair using lasers was realized over 30 years ago.  Since then  and the technology has advanced since its original discovery.   Laser hair removal (LHR) is performed using a laser or a light device also known as intense pulsed light (IPL).  LHR works by using heat energy (a laser beam) to destroy the hair follicle. The laser beam targets the dark color (melanin) in the hair follicle, leaving surrounding skin and tissue untouched.

We prefer to use the GentleMax Pro laser for LHR. Treatments are fast, effective and comfortable. In our opinion, this system is the gold standard for laser treatments.  It has a patented cooling system that delivers a burst of cool air onto the skin immediately before and after each flash of the laser which allows for quick cooling of the skin for safety and comfort. Treatments are also very fast and effective.  The goal for any laser is to achieve 80% in hair reduction after 6-8 sessions.  Most people see significant reduction in as little as three sessions with the GentleMax Pro. 

LHR with the exception of intense pulse light can now be performed safely on all skin types and hair types. But in order to be effective, treated hair must have pigment.  Although technology has progressed, we are still unable to treat blonde, gray or red hair.  Use caution if someone tells you different.  As always, ensure you are in experienced hands with close physician oversight.  LHR is safe if performed by a licensed, experienced professional but can have serious side effects if performed by inexperienced or unlicensed individuals. 

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