Age spots are the result of photoaging, also called extrinsic aging. Photoaging is premature skin aging resulting from prolonged and repeated exposure to solar radiation. It is responsible for the majority of age-associated cosmetic skin problems. In addition to fine lines, wrinkles and skin dryness, photoaging can result in uneven pigmentation such as dark spots known as hyperpigmentation, or solar lentigines (more commonly known as age spots or brown spots).

Where do these spots come from?

Overstimulation of specialized cells called melanocytes begin producing excess melanin in response to sun damage. The melanin is stored within the melanocyte and when stimulated is released and travels from the bottom of the epidermis up into the top layers of the epidermis where they become visible as brown spots in the keratinocyte on top of the skin.

How can these be treated?

Now there’s an easy way to rid your skin of these tell-tale signs of photoaging. Using advanced laser technology, we can effectively remove these spots in a flash. Our laser system targets the melanin in the age spot, delivering heat energy which destroys the cells. Over the next 3-7 days, the dead cells will flake off and new healthy skin will be visible.

Why choose us?

At Total Illusion Laser Aesthetic MedSpa we have the most advanced laser systems for the treatment of brown/age spots. Our physician performs all laser procedures to give you the best care possible.

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