Struggling with stubborn cellulite? You should know QWO®.

First, know you are not alone. In fact, 88%-95% of women have cellulite on their buttocks and/or thighs. Many struggle to get rid of it – diet, exercise, creams, specialty treatments, etc. Especially if you have deeper dimples, treatment can be a challenge. But now there is a great option, Qwo®. Qwo® is a non-surgical treatment that can smooth moderate to severe dimples.


But what causes cellulite in the first place?

Many people say, “I eat right and workout and I still have dimples”. This is because cellulite does not discriminate based on age or body type. Anyone can have cellulite but there are a few factors which can make you more likely than others – genetics, chronic inflammation, poor circulation, decreased elasticity and collagen to name a few.


Cellulite occurs when fat cells are enlarged and fibrous bands become thickened. These thick bands pull the skin downward, causing cellulite to form. Young or old, thin or heavy, these bands can tether the skin giving a dimpled appearance.

How does Qwo® get rid of the dimples?

Qwo is a non-surgical, FDA approved treatment for moderate to severe cellulite. An enzyme called collagenase is injected into each dimple. This enzyme breaks down the fibrous septae that is tethering the skin to the deeper layers. Thus releasing the skin and improving the appearance of the dimple. Additionally, the reaction that occurs causes new collagen to be formed which strengthens the skin and adds support, giving a smoother appearance.


Why choose Total Illusion for Qwo® treatments?

At Total Illusion, our physician has years of experience treating cellulite. Qwo® has been a welcomed addition to the practice, offering women and men the opportunity to achieve great results for a condition that has traditional been difficult to treat. Additionally, we offer treatments that work synergistically with Qwo® so you can get next level results and maintain your smooth figure for years to come. For more personalized information, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our physician.

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