Electrolysis permanently removes unwanted hair.

Therefore, destroying the hair at its’ growth center. This is done by delivering heat energy directly to the follicle. As a result, electrolysis is highly effective at removing hair from small areas. In addition, electrolysis is great for destroying red, gray or blonde hairs. These types of hair cannot be eliminated with laser hair removal.

How does it work?

A licensed electrologist inserts a very fine filament (thinner than the hair being treated) into the hair follicle. Then a tiny amount of heat energy is applied. As a result, the hair is destroyed at its’ root.

What areas can be treated?

Electrolysis works on all skin and hair types. Thus, it can be applied to most face and body parts.

  • eyebrows
  • chin
  • upper and lower lip
  • jawline
  • sides of face
  • breast
  • underarms
  • abdomen
  • bikini
  • feet
  • legs
  • back


Are there any side effects?

Immediately following treatment, you may experience slight redness or tenderness. This will disappear in a couple of hours. However, after treatment we do recommend avoiding activity that could irritate the skin.

Am I a good candidate?

Most people are good candidates. However, there are a few instances where electrolysis would be contraindicated. Therefore, our licensed electrologist will review your history. After which, she will design a treatment plan specifically for your needs.

What does it feel like?

You’ll probably feel a momentary heat sensation or pinch. However, discomfort is minimal for most people. In fact, most people read, listen to music or even take a nap while being treated.

Is it permanent?

Yes. Electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair permanently. On the contrary, other forms of hair removal are not only temporary but can cause ingrown hairs and discoloration. Additionally, they may cause an increase in hair growth activity.

How much do treatments cost?

Cost is based on time.

Electrolysis Consultation at Total Illusion

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